"Remember, Remember Always, that all of us are descended of immigrants and revolutionists."    Franklin D. Roosevelt    

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The Law Offices of Lana Elliott, PLLC provide immigration assistance to individuals and businesses located anywhere within the United States and worldwide.
A non-inclusive list of the areas of practice is listed to the right.
If you feel that your situation does not fall under one of these categories please do not hesitate to contact us, since each individual is unique as is our approach to the immigration concerns our clients have.

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Employment Based Visas

Family Based Visas

Visas for Business and Pleasure
(B-1/B-2)K Visas for Fianc�s/Spouses of U.S.
Citizens Visas for Students and Trainees
(F, M, H-3)

J-1 Visas and Waivers for Exchange Program
Participants Visas for Business Personnel:

E-1 /E-2 Visas for Traders/Treaty Investors
L Visas for Intra-company Transferees 

H-1B Visas for Specialty Workers, Physicians, and Fashion Models

H-1C Visas for Nurses
H-2A/H-2B Visas for Temporary
Agricultural Workers and Workers

Performing Other Temporary Service or
Labor Change/Extension of Non-Immigrant Status

Other areas of practice

Foreign Adoptions
Employer Sanctions/Compliance
Adjustment Of Status
Naturalization and Citizenship
Deportation and Criminal Matters